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Resident Research

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Marlis Sabo, MD, FRCSC
Director, Resident/Fellow Research

Resident Research Program Goals

The overall goals of the resident research program are to ensure that upon completion of the orthopaedic residency program, our graduates will demonstrate:

  • The ability to effectively engage with new scientific literature
  • A practical understanding of how to navigate the process of scientific inquiry
  • The ability to apply the research skills learned during residency to critical assessment of personal outcomes, to local QI/QA projects, and to participation in formal faculty research projects if desired.

Resident Research Opportunities

Residents in our program are involved with a variety of research projects, including basic science projects, database studies, clinical outcomes research, and knowledge synthesis projects.  Specific opportunities can be discussed with individual faculty members or through contact of the Research Lead for the subspecialty area of interest.  In addition to individual faculty mentorship on research projects, a more formal circuit of workshops and other learning activities are scheduled during the academic year on topics in research methods, dissemination, and scientific communication.

Specific questions or inquiries may be directed to

Resident Research Day 2017

Calgary Orthopaedic 6th Annual Resident Research Day, May 4, 2017

Dr. Stephen Kates, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Nick Mohtadi, University of Calgary
Moderator:  Dr. Marlis Sabo, University of Calgary



1300-1500 hrs

E-Poster Presentations

(Light refreshments will available during the E-Poster Session)

Adjudicators, Orthopaedic Residents, Faculty, Staff, Research Coordinators, McCaig Institute, ABJHI





Assessment of Femoral Version Using Biplanar Radiography

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP1

Dr. D. Cinats


Kinematic Analysis of the Pediatric Hockey Wrist

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP2

Dr. L. Fruson


Surgical Management of Metastatic Long Bone Disease:  A Scoping Review

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP3

Dr. J. Kendal


Static vs. Dynamic Syndesmosis Fixation: A Meta-analysis

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP4

Dr. S. Kooner


The Impact of Residual Deformity on Outcome After Calcaneus Fractures

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP5

Dr. J. Kubik


Operative Versus Non-Operative Outcomes of Low Burst Fractures and Lumbosacral Dissociations in Combat-related Injuries

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP6

Dr. M. Litowski


Olecranon Implant Removal Rates:  Plate Fixation vs. Tension Band Wiring

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP7

Dr. A. Meldrum


Hypercoagulability in Patients with Hip Fractures as Determined by Thrombelastography

E-Poster Number: 2017-EP8

Dr. D. You

1500-1510 hrs

Move into FMC Auditorium




1510-1520 hrs

Opening Remarks and Welcome

Dr. M. Sabo

1520-1530 hrs

Deltoid Ligament Injury in Ankle Instability

Podium Presentation 1

Dr. S. Sridharan

1530-1540 hrs

Comparison of Tendon Rupture in Dorsal Versus Volar Plating in Distal Radius Fractures

Podium Presentation 2

Dr. E. Gusnowski

1540-1550 hrs

Clinical Outcomes and Complications following Partial Repair Versus Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Massive Irreparable rotator Cuff Tears Without Arthritis:  A Systematic Review

Podium Presentation 3

Dr. K. Thomas

1550-1600 hrs

Progression of Conservatively Treated Rotator Cuff Tears: A Systematic Review

Podium Presentation 4

Dr. C. Kwong

1600-1610 hrs



1610-1620 hrs

Long-term Surgical Relief of Back Pain following Lumbar total Disc Replacement:  Minimum 5-year Follow-up Results at Two Canadian Institutes

Podium Presentation 5

Dr. J.  Bourget-Murray

1620-1630 hrs

Surgical Outcomes of Chronic Isolated Scapholunate Interosseous Ligament Injuries:  A Systematic Review

Podium Presentation 6

Dr. S. Montgomery

1630-1640 hrs

Assessing the Safety of the Introduction of Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty Within a Canadian Healthcare Setting

Podium Presentation 7

Dr. P. Zaharia

1640-1650 hrs

Retrospective Matched Cohort Study Comparing Outcomes Between Direct Anterior, Lateral and Posterior Approaches for Total Hip Arthroplasty

Podium Presentation 8

Dr. D. Joly

1650-1700 hrs

Break (Deliberation Time for Judges)


1700-1750 hrs

Keynote Address and Question Period:

Hip Fracture Update and Future Directions

Dr. Stephen Kates

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, Virginia

1750-1800 hrs

Closing Remarks

Dr. M. Sabo

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