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Welcome to the University of Calgary Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program!  This program, established in 1970, prides itself on providing  exceptional postgraduate surgical education in a supportive academic environment. The program is fully accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
A dedicated clinical faculty, exposure to high volumes of sub-specialized orthopaedic surgical care delivery,access to simulation and cadaveric-based training through the Advanced Technical Skills Simulation Lab (ATSSL), an abundance of research opportunities, protected academic half-day time, and an organized academic office staff combine to create an optimal learning environment for our residents.
Numerous annual social and sporting events held in Calgary and the nearby National Parks and Rocky Mountains make our program unique, collegial, and fun.  It ensures camaraderie among our trainees, faculty, and staff.  It also makes our program one of the most sought after by potential postgraduate trainees in Canada.
Thank you for your interest in our program and we hope you come for a visit. Please contact us at    

Jason Werle, MD, FRCSC
Director, Residency Program


2016 - 2017 Residents

5th Year Residents

Dr. Jennifer Leighton Dr. Devin Lemmex Dr. Chris Nielsen Dr. Jessica Page Dr. Natalie Rollick

Dr. Ed Schwartzenberger

4th Year Residents

Dr. David Cinats Dr. Denis Joly Dr. Pierre Zaharia

3rd Year Residents

Dr. Sahil Kooner Dr. Jeremy Kubik Dr. Cory Kwong Dr. Alexander Meldrum Dr. Spencer Montgomery

2nd Year Residents

Dr. Jonathan
Dr. Eva Gusnowski
Dr.. Joseph Kendal Dr. Kate Thomas

1st Year Residents

Dr. Lee Fruson Dr. Madison Litowski Dr. Sarup Sridharan Dr. Daniel You

Five Year Curriculum

Exam Preparation 1 Block
Paediatric Orthopaedics – ACH        
3 Blocks       
Upper Extremity – PLC      Hildebrand/Boorman  3 Blocks
Senior Trauma – FMC Orthopaedic Trauma Team 3 Blocks
Orthopaedic Surgery  
Preceptor team selected by resident
3 Blocks
Elective 3 Blocks 
Rural Rotation Lethbridge/Red Deer                                      1 Block
Senior Arthroplasty - RGH Werle/Johnston 3 Blocks
Hand and Wrist - SHC (1) Dhaliwal/Hiscox  or 3 Blocks
Hand and Wrist - SHC (2) Bowen/White
Senior Spine - FMC Cho/Salo/Thomas 3 Blocks
Elective 1 Block     
Paediatric Orthopaedics - ACH        Goldstein/Kiefer/Harder/Parsons/Joughin/Ferri-de-Barros       3 Blocks      
Tumor/Reconstruction - FMC Puloski/Monument 3 Blocks
Senior Sport Medicine - SHC French/LeBlanc 3 Blocks
Foot and Ankle - PLC Russell/LaMothe/Le 3 Blocks
Rural Rotation Lethbridge/Red Deer                                           1 Block   
Anatomy/Pathology Itani/Caragea 1 Block
ICU 2 Blocks
Junior Arthroplasty - RGH deSouza/Abelseth 3 Blocks
Junior Sport Medicine - PLC Longino/Lo/Rezansoff/Timmerman 2 Blocks
Junior Trauma - FMC Orthopaedic Trauma Team 2 Blocks
Junior Spine - FMC Bouchard/Lewkonia 2 Blocks
 PGY 1
Elective   1 Block    
Emergency Medicine 1 Block
General Surgery 2 Blocks
General Internal Medicine Consults 1 Block
Plastic Surgery 1 Block
Vascular Surgery 1 Block
Junior Paediatric Orthopaedic - ACH Goldstein/Kiefer/Harder/Parsons/Joughin/Ferri-de-Barros         2 Blocks     
Community Orthopaedics - RGH Stewart/Cundal 2 Blocks
Acute Care Orthopaedics - FMC Orthopaedic Trauma Team 2 Bocks

Academic Half Day

Thursday afternoon is a protected educational time every week where a curriculum of core orthopaedic topics is presented. Attendance is mandatory unless the resident is on vacation or doing an out-of-town elective. Although the format may vary somewhat, most of the sessions are case-based or problem-based learning with resident participation. A few sessions are didactic lectures or other formats due to the nature of the topic itself. Feedback from the resident regarding the usefulness of each session is obtained in order to fine tune the curriculum to meet resident educational needs and objectives.

2016 - 2017 Academic Half Day Schedule


Contact Us

General questions or inquiries:

Telephone: 403.220.4554
Fax: 403.220.1185